Learn how to play the violin with these tips


Playing the violin certainly doesn’t sound easy for a beginner. The violin is not a particularly easy-to-learn musical instrument, but it is not as complicated as you might fear it to be. So, here are some tips for novices that might convince you that the effort of playing the violin is completely worth it.


Learn how to be relaxed while playing the violin

It is essential that you learn how to relax when playing the violin. You won’t be able to practice for as long as it is needed to get the hang of this musical instrument if your body is tense. So here is a quick tip on how to relax when first starting to play.

Breathe in, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then breathe out. Repeat this exercise a few times, until your muscles are relaxed. This will help you achieve that relaxed pose that will allow you to practice for hours without feeling strained and tired.


Create a routine that works for you

Like any other skill, playing the violin means lots of practice. And, for good results, you need a routine. Here are a few ideas that will help you create that excellent routine that will allow you to improve and enjoy playing this instrument.


A list of purchases

To follow the train of thought for one of the earlier recommendations, it is essential that you purchase all that is needed for successful practice. Most probably, the first thing you need to succeed is a violin, and you need to decide on a model. For instance, you may consider buying an electric violin or an acoustic model. No matter what type of violin you pick, you will also need other things.

Many people choose to buy spare strings so that they can replace them fast. This is good thinking. Rosin should be on the list of purchases as it is useful for making your bow more efficient at catching the strings so that you can play with ease.

Don’t forget about educational materials. A technique book can offer you some excellent insight on how to start playing. Of course, as a beginner, you will find that there are many sources you can use, such as YouTube videos. Nonetheless, it serves to get some formal education, and learning from a teacher can take you places.


How I learned to enjoy fishing although I wasn’t into it a couple of years ago



I used to loathe going fishing with my grandfather when I was a kid, and that’s because I was all for the action. I didn’t want to sit around and do nothing all day long just waiting for that pesky fish to bite the bait. I didn’t understand why we had to sit in complete silence and the fact that my grandpa’s boat wasn’t the best one in the world was another detail I didn’t exactly appreciate at the time.

However, things have changed when I hit 11 and started going fishing with my grandpa because I knew that he didn’t have many years ahead of him. I was aware of the fact that I wouldn’t be able to look into his kind eyes for too long a time, and that’s why I decided to make all those moments that we spent together as special as possible.

My grandpa was a great fisherman, and he did the best he could in all situations. Whether we went out fly fishing or we tried some salmon fishing once in a while, we were always prepared. He taught me everything I needed to know about baits, lures, reels, and rods, so much so that I started enjoying angling myself. I initially thought of it as a journey that I had to embark on with my grandfather because of the reasons I mentioned above. However, everything changed once my grandpa died. I missed him so much that I somehow made a connection between the angling that he loved so much and his great character. I even went as far as to think that all fishermen and women are kind people, although this was a theory that I disapproved of later on.

In other words, my reason for taking up fishing is sentimental. Most of my fishing buddies have been angling ever since they were kids because of their parents or grandparents or because they had some acquaintance that taught them the basics of the sport. If you don’t have anyone to guide you with all of the things you need to buy and the many techniques that you should utilize in order to get that big catch, I know some resources that might be of assistance. I’ll talk about them some more in some of my future posts, so that I don’t run out of ideas for now.

Either way, if you’re passionate about hunting or fishing and would like to leave your two cents in the comments section of the blog, don’t hesitate to do so. I’m actually looking forward to learning more about hunting, these days, and about target shooting, as well.

Don’t forget these things when you go on your next fishing trip



Over the years I have learned that there are some things you can forget and still have a great fishing trip, while leaving other items behind could result in an early return back home. While I’ve never had to cut a trip short there have been times when I wished I had remembered to pack a certain item. Now I make a checklist every time I’m getting ready to head out the door, whether it is for an overnight trip or just a few hours. This helps to ensure I bring everything I need, and it also takes some of the stress out of packing. Here are few of the things that are always on my list, and that you don’t want to forget when you go on your next fishing trip.


If you plan on standing in the water a pair of waders or extra pants are essential, unless you enjoy wearing wet clothes all day. At the very least you will want to bring an extra pair of dry socks, trust me your feet will appreciate it at the end of the day. A brimmed hat is something that I never leave home without, especially when I fishing in the bright summer sun. I also recommend bringing a light jacket if you are going to be casting in the early morning.



It has always surprised me at how many anglers forget to bring a towel, even a small one. A towel is a versatile piece of gear that should be standard in every angler’s kit. It can not only be used to help you stay dry and comfortable, it can also help you keep your expensive gear functioning properly. A towel can be used to wipe corrosive salt water off of your rod and reel, and remove dirt and mud that you might not want to touch with your bare hands.


Tackle box

Some anglers go so far as to carry two tackle boxes just to make sure they have everything they need. This isn’t always necessary, unless you are planning on an extended trip. A few items that you will want to make sure are always packed in your tackle box include your lures, bait and extra line, along with a knife and pair of long nose pliers. When you have to remove the hook from the mouth of the fish, you will be glad that you packed at a pair of pliers. I also recommend bringing a tape measure so you can accurately document your catch.


Miscellaneous items

There are a few other items that you don’t want to forget, the most important being your fishing license. Forgetting this small item could result in expensive fines and your trip being cut short. Insect repellent is always advisable, along with a bottle of sunscreen. A first aid kit is another piece of gear you don’t want to leave home without.

These are a few of the items that every angler should have, and can keep you from having to cut your fishing trip short.

Why I bought a rod and reel combo instead of getting them separately



A rod-and-reel combo is a neat package. The set I bought comes with a matched rod and reel that are both configured to suit a specific style of angling. There are plenty of selections on the market, and this can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. I am glad that top brands all have a rod-and-reel combo available among their product lines. All it took was to know how to choose the perfect one for me.

My rod and reel combo set is ready to go right out of the box. Most top-of-the-line packages I have looked at include everything needed in the set, such as prewound fishing line, baits and lures, among other things. If there’s no line available, i could easily make a separate purchase for it at my favorite bait and tackle store. Plenty of rod-and-reel combos are attractively priced, making them the perfect choice for novice anglers and those just looking to upgrade or add to their fishing gear collection. Since I already own a rod and reel from another brand, I decided it might be more sensible to get a rod-and-reel combo set from another manufacturer to see if they have good enough technology in their products as well. This provided me with a variety of choices. A win-win solution, if I may say so myself.

Rod-and-reel combo sets are also perfect for those seeking genuine value for money like me. Since everything already comes in the set, I didn’t have to do a lot of research and comparison any longer on two different products. All I needed were the reviews for the specific set and I was good to go.

With a rod-and-reel combo, I didn’t have to worry about serious compatibility issues in my choice of gear. Rod-and-reel combos are designed with matching components so I would not have to worry about the reel not fitting into the reel seat, or the action and power of the rod not being suitable for the reel, the gear ratio of the reel not being good enough for the rod, or the rod not providing enough flex to accommodate the line on the reel. Everything is matched at the onset so all I really have to worry about is using the proper fishing technique to optimize the rod-and-reel combo.
A rod-and-reel combo offers dependable performance. I have an inexpensive rig and a relatively simple setup. Even parents who want their kids initiated properly into fishing will appreciate the value they can get from a rod-and-reel combo set. That said, there are sophisticated products that suit a specific type of fishing, and still are worth checking out. The bottom line for consumers like me: make sure a rod and reel combo is just is needed for the type of fishing to be done, since we will pretty much be committed to what we buy.



Why don’t some women like to fish?




Some women–actually most women–don’t find fishing an appealing thing to do even on a lazy summer day. Even when you tell some women that the fish are really biting this season, all you would probably get is a shrug and a flip of the hair, plus the stock answer, “So what?”. The male of the species, especially the avid anglers among them, cannot quite fathom why fishing doesn’t find a soft spot in the heart of some ladies. Well I say, the answers are quite unsurprising, considering the nature of women.



Women are just naturally nurturing: The mere thought of spearing a live bait through a cruel-looking hook can be too much for most women. That wriggling worm or baitfish is a living being. Getting the fish to bite the bait while it’s still moving in protest at the end of the hook can be too much for a lady’s delicate sensitivities. Women don’t really know how the fish is caught, but as long as there’s food to cook for the family dinner table, all is right with the world.


Women are too engaged in their day work and home duties to be caught doing nothing down by the river and having nothing to show for it at the end of the day : Perhaps men find it appealing to tune out the rest of the world from time to time to go fishing in some exotic location. In all honesty, ladies will just love looking at the scenery if they tag along with their men. Besides, there’s always work to do at home or at the office, and even precious weekends are not spared. When men can take the day off on weekdays, some women are not inclined towards asking the boss if they could take the day off to do some fishing with the rest of the gals at the office. That would be unimaginable!


Women earn college degrees, buy condos and raise families, and fishing is just not in their radar: Ladies cherish their freedom and independence in what used to be male-dominated work environments. Not all who wear the pants in the home are males. Women hold up half of the sky on their own. However, one thing stays as consistent as the time when our ancestors were food gatherers. The men hunt, the women keep house. So modern women cook whatever is caught by their male counterparts during fishing trips, if any is ever caught. Otherwise, women are just content watching their men go crazy with fishing with the kids.


Spending too much time under the sun is not a woman thing: Okay, so there’s a bunch of fishing hats and bottles of suntan and anti-sunburn lotion out on the market today. It still doesn’t make fishing an activity that all women can grow to love. There’s skin cancer and sunburn and an unwanted tan to consider. Besides, the sun can cause age spots and premature skin ageing. Women do so much and spend quite a sum of money to look beautiful so why throw it all away with just a day under the sun doing nothing?


Their dads never took them along fishing: While some women come out champions in fishing tourneys, most have not been taken along by their fathers on fishing trips. It’s quite difficult to like something you have never been exposed to as a kid. But for women who do take up the rod and reel, they deserve a smart salute. Now, women can also hold up half the sea AND the half the sky along with it.


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Going on a salmon fishing trip for a week – how I prepared



I recently had enough free time to go fishing for salmon for a whole week. Boy, was I excited! I had been looking forward for this adventure for quite a while and had done several preparations that I thought would come in handy for a person like me, who’d enjoy going out angling every day.

One of the first things you ought to do, especially if you’re just starting out, is get a special stamp or permit. This will allow you to avoid getting a very large fine. Salmon conservation programs are being organized and funded with the money coming from these permits, so you shouldn’t be offput by these expenses. Instead, you should think of them as the only way that can ensure that you’ll have some salmon to catch on your next fishing trip.

Another thing you ought to do, especially if you are a beginner, is work on your drift fishing. I know this may be hard if you haven’t had the chance to practice, but the most natural way of targeting salmon in a river is to throw the bait upstream. Let it fall to the area where you suspect the salmon is because this can make the fish think that the bait has come to it on its own.



While artificial lures are available at a wide range of online retailers, one of the most efficient baits for catching salmon is roe. The simplest thing you can do, and I did the same, is harvest and cure it on your own. There are many tutorials online that you can use to get informed and find out how you can complete this process at home. High-quality salmon roe cure can be found at most specialty shops, where you can even have a talk with a consultant. It doesn’t take too much time to prepare the roe this way, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on the equipment. Probably the most important advantage offered by natural bait is that it attracts the fish thanks to its smell as it lets out a fluid into the water.

Another thing I did and one that I recommend, as well, is sharpening the hooks. That tough and thick jawline can’t be pierced through if your hook is rusty or just not sharp enough. Believe it or not, this is the essential piece of equipment in your whole ensemble, so pay extreme attention to it and check whether or not it’s sharp following a salmon fishing expedition.

I also made sure I had the proper clothes and protective equipment as the weather wasn’t going to be particularly warm. Nothing beats a good hat and a nice pair of boots or waders.


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