Hey, guys!


I’m Kevin Clarke and I’ve decided to keep a blog where I can tell you all about myself and my life. I guess this is rather a cathartic exercise than a creative activity, but I hope you will bear with me and maybe find something to relate to in all my stories.

I work as a full-time digital marketing specialist for a start-up company, in the field of e-commerce. As complicated as it may sound for those that aren’t familiar with it, it’s really a lot of routine work, and it takes up a lot of my time. I sometimes end up working six days a week, twenty hours a day, and all I’m left with is some time to sleep and just a couple of hours at my free disposition. While I believe progress, in any context, means a lot of hard, dedicated work, it’s difficult not to notice how life seems to become, more and more, about what I do for a living. This past year, I’ve tried finding new things to do, or reconnecting with some with my old hobbies.

So now, whenever I get the chance, I like to disconnect by going fishing or biking with my old group of friends from college. We have a lot of fun, since we make a competition out of everything. At the same time, though, these are the kind of solitary activities: you can’t really talk when you’re busy breathing heavily on a running bike, not to mention how you can completely make a failure from a fishing trip if you’re going to scare all the fishes with your voice. Also, you all must know how sometimes, old friendships resume to just hanging out together, and don’t require too much chatting anymore: we know each other too well to have to say most of the things out loud. But that’s not always the thing I want from these outings. So most of the times, when I go back home, I don’t feel like I’ve managed to communicate much, and I feel quite unsatisfied with how I spent the only day off I have.

Writing a blog might seem like a unilateral form of communication, but I trust that with time, I will begin to have some feedback from my readers. And even if not, I always believed writing can organize one’s thoughts, so that in the worse case, I will treat this as a page where I can dialogue with myself.


But let’s get back to the purpose of this introduction: me. Despite of my busy schedule, working and catching fish isn’t all that I do. I’m also a passionate cook and I read as much as time allows me to, I listen to music and I’m also a fan of film-noir. These being now laid out on the table, I’m sure many of you share at least one of my passions, and I would love to hear from you. So feel free to intervene in my babble at any time, and share your own thoughts and suggestions. I promise I will reply as soon as I read them.


Take care!