Some women–actually most women–don’t find fishing an appealing thing to do even on a lazy summer day. Even when you tell some women that the fish are really biting this season, all you would probably get is a shrug and a flip of the hair, plus the stock answer, “So what?”. The male of the species, especially the avid anglers among them, cannot quite fathom why fishing doesn’t find a soft spot in the heart of some ladies. Well I say, the answers are quite unsurprising, considering the nature of women.



Women are just naturally nurturing: The mere thought of spearing a live bait through a cruel-looking hook can be too much for most women. That wriggling worm or baitfish is a living being. Getting the fish to bite the bait while it’s still moving in protest at the end of the hook can be too much for a lady’s delicate sensitivities. Women don’t really know how the fish is caught, but as long as there’s food to cook for the family dinner table, all is right with the world.


Women are too engaged in their day work and home duties to be caught doing nothing down by the river and having nothing to show for it at the end of the day : Perhaps men find it appealing to tune out the rest of the world from time to time to go fishing in some exotic location. In all honesty, ladies will just love looking at the scenery if they tag along with their men. Besides, there’s always work to do at home or at the office, and even precious weekends are not spared. When men can take the day off on weekdays, some women are not inclined towards asking the boss if they could take the day off to do some fishing with the rest of the gals at the office. That would be unimaginable!


Women earn college degrees, buy condos and raise families, and fishing is just not in their radar: Ladies cherish their freedom and independence in what used to be male-dominated work environments. Not all who wear the pants in the home are males. Women hold up half of the sky on their own. However, one thing stays as consistent as the time when our ancestors were food gatherers. The men hunt, the women keep house. So modern women cook whatever is caught by their male counterparts during fishing trips, if any is ever caught. Otherwise, women are just content watching their men go crazy with fishing with the kids.


Spending too much time under the sun is not a woman thing: Okay, so there’s a bunch of fishing hats and bottles of suntan and anti-sunburn lotion out on the market today. It still doesn’t make fishing an activity that all women can grow to love. There’s skin cancer and sunburn and an unwanted tan to consider. Besides, the sun can cause age spots and premature skin ageing. Women do so much and spend quite a sum of money to look beautiful so why throw it all away with just a day under the sun doing nothing?


Their dads never took them along fishing: While some women come out champions in fishing tourneys, most have not been taken along by their fathers on fishing trips. It’s quite difficult to like something you have never been exposed to as a kid. But for women who do take up the rod and reel, they deserve a smart salute. Now, women can also hold up half the sea AND the half the sky along with it.


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